Last fall a friend urged me to consider making another full-length record, when at the time I’d been focusing all my time and energy on writing for other artists. Turns out, when you write without a particular goal in mind, the pressure is lifted and suddenly the songs get better.

I’m so glad my arm was twisted. This record – Lucky Strike – is the best thing I’ve ever made, and I can’t wait to share it with you. {Soon!}

Yesterday began the start of our new lives as smarter entrepreneurs and more focused music makers. We’re so excited to bring this new music to your ears very soon, but for now, here are some photos from yesterday’s epic final day at Zoo Labs. After a listening session of the newly recorded songs, we presented our business plan, and followed that up with a live performance during the release party. (We call it a release party since Zoo Labs is releasing us back into the world with all this new knowledge.)

More details after I’ve recovered from sleep deprivation. 🙂

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