Value Proposition. Why does what you do matter to the market you’re serving? What about it provides the solution to the problems your fans might have? Without these answers, we might be forever lost in the abyss of marketing confusion! Today we started the conversations within the traditional business model canvas. It’s very different to think about music in this way, but actually it makes a LOT of sense.

Rich got here today for pre-production! Man, it feels awesome to have him here. We met Rich back in 2007 when we were working on Sugar – he played on that record, then on Tattoos & Bruises three years later, and we’ve played a whole heap of live shows together, too (before Sara Bareilles snatched him up!). You’re gonna love the sounds that he and Jimmy came up with in the studio today. It’s sounding so good already, and we haven’t even started tracking!

Here are some shots from the morning’s workshops, and the evening’s pre-production time in Studio B.

til tomorrow!



First, the best news! We welcomed a new baby niece into the world today. Congrats Ennis and Jodi! 🙂

Note to self (ahem, reminder to self): stop trusting your frequently inaccurate sense of direction, especially in a new city. We went our for breakfast this morning and I got us turned around… but then we found this fantastically animated graffiti wall that took us back to Brooklyn.

Later in the day, our Zoo Labs experience officially began with a workshop on evolution vs. revolution. Fascinating stuff, and it’s gotten our wheels turning. At the end of this experience next week, we’ll be presenting our strategic plan to the group. Each day that passes should further inform our business plan through these workshops which are already shedding a lot of light on things.

Tomorrow, our guitar player Rich Hinman will arrive and pre-production will start as a band. cannot wait!

Um, dinner tonight was a fantastic experience, too. Mikaela the private chef made just the most ridiculous meal for us, and they’d invited some Zoo Labs alumni to come and join us. Met some very cool people!

sayonara for now,




3:30am wake up call, 6:45am flight, a layover at LAX, a subway ride and a city walk (for old times’ sake!), and finally, arrival at Zoo Labs in San Fran around 3pm PST. They call this day negative one, since tomorrow is day zero. I’m so thankful we’re here with a day to rest up before the magical mayhem ensues.

Jimmy and I spent some time on pre-production tonight after a fantastic meal here in Oakland at a place called Hopscotch. There’s a lot in common, I think, between a great restaurant and great music. Learning, developing a concept, preparation, execution, and of course, sharing with the world your own original take on something beautiful, which is what we’re gonna aim to do here…


It’s probably been just the tip of the iceberg, but we wanted to dig in as much as we could before day 1 next week. Here’s a little peek. We’ve got one day left here in Nashville before heading to California, and things have been nutty around the house. Song tweaks, practice, business-y stuff, savoring our time with the little pup. You know, the usual.

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We are so incredibly honored to have won the BandPage/Zoo Labs Music Residency Contest. We entered a couple months ago, made the top 10, put together a project proposal, made the top 3, then got on the phone for a rigorous interview with the founders of Zoo Labs. Last week we found out that we’re the insanely lucky winners of this $25k prize package.

It’s been a wild few weeks, and it’s about to get even wilder – they’re flying us out to San Francisco next month to record an EP and go through their 2-week music accelerator program. We’ll be putting our heads together for business modeling and strategic planning for our long-term career goals. Pretty cool, huh?! Best of all, I get to bring the band – Jimmy Sullivan of course, Rich Hinman and Johnny Duke.

We don’t want you to feel out of the loop, so we’re bringing our great friend Ellen Anderson as social media extraordinaire. We’ll be hosting some pretty cool in-studio live streams and interviews, so stay tuned for details.


We’re one month into our Nashville lives and things are just grand. Our biggest, most amazing highlight so far is having the opportunity to record a Daytrotter session last month, and I’m happy to share with you that it’s now live and ready for your listening ears. Head over to and get yourself a free trial membership to stream our session (and many amazing others), or get a bonafide membership and you’ll be able to download our tracks and throw ’em on your iPhone.

Jimmy and I played as a duo four not-yet-released MB songs:
1. Rockaway
2. Always Something
3. Feels Like Friday Night
4. Let’s Get Lazy

Click here to check it out.