From the Road

Tour so far… snow, lots of beautiful snow. And songs, lots. of. emotional. songs.

I’m so grateful that I get to do this every day- sing, write, play, entertain. Mostly I love having conversations with all of you after the shows. There’s something very sacred about that space, isn’t there?

After a wonderful show last night in western Mass, I’m hunkering down here til the storm passes. Then it’s Yonkers on Thursday, Philly on Friday.

Carl and Ellen Anderson have kept me laughing and well-photographed. They also are some of the most talented people making Americana music right now. I’m so completely honored to share the stage with them.

Great big thanks to the venues and hosts who have given us a stage to play where music-loving audiences come and share these magical moments. Thanks so much, Martha, Myra, Liz, Adam, Justin, Karen, Ed and Dee Dee for opening your homes to me this week. Such fun we’ve had!

Housatonic, MA

Mary & Rich Hinman, the Living Room, Brooklyn, NY

The Living Room, NY

Photos by Ellen Anderson


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