Day … What day is this?!

I feel like a bad blogger for not sharing more stories with you! Gosh, there’s so much to tell. I must have made the wrong decision in trying to post each night instead of each morning, since at night I’m super crazy tired after a full day of work (15 hour days!!). You know that feeling, right?! When your brain shuts down? That’s what’s happening to me right now.

So, I’ll be brief. Sunday was a day off and we got to catch up with some of Jimmy’s family out here, and Ellen got to hang with her family, too. Awesome. Monday brought a chat about the dollars and cents of generating income, or some kind of data/return when there might be no actual income. Today we worked with a rhetoric coach to help us prepare our pitch for Thursday. Have I mentioned we’ll be pitching our brand concept to Zoo Labs and other industry professionals on Thursday night? Yep. It’s a big part of the Zoo Labs experience and I’m trying not to over-think it, but um, I’m over-thinking it. But don’t worry, Ellen and Jimmy are reigning me in. 🙂

On the recording front, Johnny Duke came out to track some mandolin and fancy guitar stuff for a day and he’s already back home tonight in Nashville playing the Ryman. Vocals are DONE, thanks to an epic day of vocal tracking yesterday; we went well into the night (um, 2 AM) to get it all done. I’ve never pushed myself so hard vocally, but it paid off. Man, it all sounds so gorgeous.

Alright I’m falling asleep!! More soon. Promise.












IMG_5423 - Version 2



IMG_5470Photos by Ellen Anderson.



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