Day Three – Field Trip!

This morning went to BandPage’s offices in downtown San Francisco to learn from the very smart Ivan Cash about engaging campaigns and how to approach the market in smarter ways. So cool, so invigorating. There was an idea brainstorming contest to get our creative juices flowing… a prize went to the person who created the most ideas in 5 minutes, with no judgements about whether the ideas were worth anything. Guess who won!? (Ahem, I am very competitive.) Contest aside, it got us thinking in super quick ways about brand new things. yay.

Straight outta that morning workshop we went into Studio A for hmmm, we’re almost done — 10 hours so far. Andrew on drums, Rich on guitar, and Jimmy on bass. Those guys KNOCKED IT OUTTA THE PARK, Y’ALL. You won’t believe the amount of musical magic being made!!! I cannot wait for y’all hear these songs.

Tomorrow… we’ll learn how to understand our fans:), then we’ll have a bunch more time in the studio. Our piano player Mike Cassedy gets here tomorrow, too!!










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