Day Two, Feelin’ Good

Our second full day at Zoo Labs was the best yet. Workshops on digital strategy and team dynamics, and lunch with an artist endorsement manager from Dunlap had us engaged and excited. I even had my first moment that brought me to tears during the team dynamics workshop (I’m an emotional girl, but you already knew that). Stuff about how uniquely original we are, how no one else in the world has the same traits as you. What a gift to be reminded of that, and how we should embrace our strengths and focus on nurturing them instead of giving credence to our weaknesses.

Our drummer Andrew Laubacher arrived tonight and added such a great warmth to the tunes during pre-production. We’re now ready to start tracking tomorrow! yaaaaay tracking.

Tomorrow we visit BandPage’s offices in the morning and head back into the studio where the magic will be warmly invited in.

Trying out some background vocals in the piano room.









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