Brennen Leigh – Ain’t Through Honky Tonkin’ Yet

co-writer, “Mississippi Rendezvous”

Michaela Anne – Desert Dove

co-writer, “If I Wanted Your Opinion”

Michaela Anne – Bright Lights and the Fame

co-writer, “Easier Than Leaving”

Jess Nolan- From Blue to Gold

co-writer, “Easy Like That”
co-writer, “Just Getting Started”

Jesse Terry feat. Cary Ann Hearst – Natural

co-writer, “Runaway Town”

Jesse Terry – Stargazer

co-writer, “Runaway Town”

Jenn Grant – The Party

co-writer, “The Party”

Wes Collins – Welcome to the Ether

co-writer, “Anywhere But Here”

Kashena Sampson – Time Machine

co-writer, “From the Outside”

Carrie Welling feat. Delta Rae – Stand-Ins

co-writer, “Stand-Ins”

Suzie Brown – Sometimes Your Dreams Find You

co-writer, “Give”
co-writer, “This Much”

Beth Rowley – Gota Fria

co-writer, “Shut It Down”
co-writer on secret track, “Confession” after the album’s closer, “Gota Fria”

The Mayries – The Nashville Sessions

co-writer, “Voices”

Betsy Phillips – I Must’ve Missed That Part

co-writer, “I Must’ve Missed That Part”

Jackson Emmer – Alpine Coda

producer and co-writer, “Fork in the Road”
producer and co-writer, “Chasing Gold”

Sharon Perl – How I Remember You

producer and co-writer, “How I Remember You”
producer and co-writer, “When the Magnolias Bloom”
producer and co-writer, “Seventeen Again”
producer and co-writer, “Not So Merry Go ‘Round”
producer and co-writer, “Who’s Better Than You”
producer and co-writer, “Dreaming the Island Way”

Ali Sperry – Crooked Feelings

co-writer, “Recover”