It’s hard to believe, but our beloved musical home is closing their doors at 154 Ludlow St. at the end of February. We have one final show left there for our residency “Mary Bragg With” on February 12, featuring our very talented friends Barnaby Bright.

Come help us give them a good strong sendoff! And if you’d like to be a part of their relocation efforts, click here.

I made a little video about our time there, hope you enjoy:)

Y’all. Our show at the Living Room Monday night was so fulfilling, I’m so grateful for all of your listening ears! Carl Anderson came all the way from Charlottesville, and blew our socks off. We’re really glad he came up to be our June guest, because um, he’s really, really good.

As is my next guest, which is a surprise. I might be able to tell you who it is the day before the show, but you’ll have to pay attention to get that memo! 🙂 It’s Monday, July 16, from 7-9pm at The Living Room. My darling superband will be with me- Jimmy Sullivan, Anton Fier, Mike Cassedy and Rich Hinman. I could listen to them play all day. Come, let’s have a big ol’ time.

Hey hey! It’s a big month for me – this afternoon, I’m heading to Nashville for a writing trip (read: cowrites with friends, meetings with business people, general southern gallivanting). Next Friday, Jimmy & I are playing in the band for our friend Colin McGrath‘s CD release show (we *love* this record, plus I sang on it!). On Feb 21, the second “Mary Bragg With…” show is happening at The Living Room, and on February 25, I’m turning 30. YOWSA!

To hear about how the Nashville trip is going this weekend, follow me on Facebook or Twitter. To hear us in Colin’s band, come to Union Hall at 8pm on Friday, Feb 17.

To hear the fruits of my latest writing labor, come to “Mary Bragg With…” on Feb 21 at The Living Room where my special guest is Adam Levy! To wish me a happy birthday, come to the show on Feb 21. 🙂

Meet Adam Levy
A cowriter of mine for less than two years, Adam and I have become great friends since we first connected at a show of his at Banjo Jim’s (RIP). Known for his incredible guitar playing on records and tours for folks like Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman and countless others, Adam ventured into writing his own songs a few years ago and has become quite the artist. Together we’ve penned some of my favorite MB songs to date, including potentially my favorite – The General. I feel incredibly blessed to count him as a friend and cowriter, and I’m thrilled to introduce him to you as my February “with” guest, fresh off his big CD release show at Joe’s Pub.

Happy Februarying, and see you Feb 21!