March 20 “With” Korby Lenker

“Mary Bragg With…” continues next Tuesday, March 20 and I’m thrilled that my special guest this month is Korby Lenker, coming all the way from Nashville. The show’ll start promptly at 7 and will feature some exciting collaborations with Korby and my band: Jimmy Sullivan, Kyle Sanna and Anton Fier.

We’d love to see you there – nights like this make for a great time.

Tuesday, March 20 at 7pm sharp (the show ends at 8:45pm)
The Living Room / 154 Ludlow St. / NYC
21+ / $10 suggested (they’ll pass a bucket; give as you wish)


Korby and I met on a gig a couple of years ago in Nashville when I was on the road. Jimmy and I were immediately taken with his tasteful guitar playing and catchy songs and knew we wanted to keep in touch with him. Then, a few weeks ago when I was back in Nashville on a writing trip, Korby and I collaborated on a Lyle Lovett tune and had a big time. See the video here.

A true songsmith and builder of community, Korby recently started producing a video series called “Wigby”, featuring a number of his incredibly talented friends like Katie Herzig, Matthew Perryman Jones and Sarah Siskind, and I’m thrilled that he’s bringing his music to New York for this special show. Check out Wigby here.


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